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The Best Crew Out There!

I got into breaks first on eBay, and then I stumbled across Kev. I haven’t broke with anybody else since. ‘Hot Hands’ has pulled me multiple golds, does a great job packaging, and he’s fun to listen to while breaking! Never a bad time with him and the crew.

EdIckes Rex / Member
Best Breaker EVER!!!

I have broke with Kevin on many occasions and he never disappoints!  Fire pulls, amazing packaging, and even quicker shipping!  Best breaker in the game.

Rick Dillon / Member
The Most Affordable Way to Collect!

The group breaks are a fun and inexpensive way to chase big cards!  I have hit 1 of 1’s, golds, animal prints, and a ton of other short print cards!  Best group around for the collectors in this community!

Jon Eisner / Member