The Best Crew Out There!

I got into breaks first on eBay, and then I stumbled across Kev. I haven’t broke with anybody else since. ‘Hot Hands’ has pulled me multiple golds, does a great job packaging, and he’s fun to listen to while breaking! Never a bad time with him and the crew.

EdIckes Rex / Member
Best Breaker EVER!!!

I have broke with Kevin on many occasions and he never disappoints!  Fire pulls, amazing packaging, and even quicker shipping!  Best breaker in the game.

Rick Dillon / Member
The Most Affordable Way to Collect!

The group breaks are a fun and inexpensive way to chase big cards!  I have hit 1 of 1’s, golds, animal prints, and a ton of other short print cards!  Best group around for the collectors in this community!

Jon Eisner / Member
Everything is Professional!

I’ve been doing breaks with Kevin every week for over a year now, and I can honestly say he keeps everything professional.  The breaks themselves are fun, and he ships the cards fast.  Looking forward to many more breaks!

Corey Strickland / Member
The BEST Card-Breaking Experience!

I’ve been a member of UFC Sports Cards Facebook group and card breaking activities for around a year, and I’ll 100% say this: Kevin and the company are the most professional card-breakers around in my honest opinion.  The man knows the sport and actively collects cards himself, and he’s constantly engaging with all of us on stream during the breaks.  If you’re a fan of UFC cards, you will absolutely love this group and card breaking experience – I can assure you of that!

Coty Hoskins / Member
Great for the Community!

Special thanks to Kevin – he runs breaks that are an absolute blast!  Some of the breaks can be an hour or longer, but Kevin keeps the energy and engagement up.  Wishing them continued success for the UFC card community!

Jon Eisner / Member